Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dryfruit Kheer

10 Pieces of almond, soaked separately
10 Pieces of cashew, soaked separately
10 Pieces of pista (pistachios), soaked separately
1 tbsp Khus khus, soaked separately
1 Lite milk
1-1/4 Cup sugar or as per taste
Very little saffron, soaked in warm milk

Peel off the almonds and pistachios.Grind all dry fruits (including Khus khus) together to smooth paste.Boil the milk until reduced to 3/4 of it.Add the dry fruit paste in the boiled milk and again boil until it blends well.Reduce the flame and add sugar.Stir constantly until the sugar gets dissolved.Take off heat and finally add soaked saffron.Cool it and serve.