Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mawa Kesar Roll

2 cups grated Khoya (mava)
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 ttsp cardamom powder
4 to 5 saffron strands, dissolved in 1 tablespoon milk
2 to 3 saffron food colour
2 edible silver leaves (varq)
2 to 3 slivered pistachios

Combine the mava and powdered sugar in a heavy bottomed pan and cook on a slow flame, while stirring continuously till the sugar has dissolved and the moisture has evaporated (approx. 10 to 12 minutes). Remove from the fire and divide the mixture into two equal parts.Mix the cardamom powder in one part to make the mava mixture and allow it to cool completely.Add the saffron and food colour to the other part to make the kesar mixture. Mix well and allow it to cool completely.Roll out the mava mixture between two sheets of plastic to form a rectangle of 100 mm. x 150 mm. (4" x 6").Roll out the kesar mixture in the same way.Place the mava rectangle on a plastic sheet or cling film.Place the kesar rectangle on top of the mava rectangle.Carefully lift one end of the plastic sheet or cling film and roll up the mava kesar mixtures taking care to see that there are no cracks on the surface.Roll cover tightly and refrigerate till firm (approx. 10 minutes) and then remove the plastic sheet or cling film.Cover completely with silver leaves and cut into 16 slices.
Garnish each slice with slivered pistachios