Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shami Kabab

* 500 gm: Minced meat
For Boiling Masala 'A'
o 125 gm: Bengal gram
o 5 cloves: Garlic
o ½" piece: Ginger
o 4 no: Red chillies
o 4 no: Black pepper
o 4 no: Brown cardamom
o 1 tsp: Cinnamon
o ½ litre approx: Water
o Salt to taste

Masala 'B'

* 1 tsp: Garam masala
* ½ tsp: Green cardamom powder
* ½ tsp: Mace powder
* 1 tsp: Kewra water
* 2 drops: Mitha ittr

For the Filling Masala 'C'

* 50 gm: Mint leaves
* 1" piece: Ginger
* 3 no: Onions, medium sized
* 125 gm: Kairi (raw mango)
* 10 no: Green chillies
* ¼ tsp: Salt
* 250 gm: Ghee

Clean the minced meat and keep aside.Chop the ginger and extract the juice of the garlic.Now place a deep vessel or on the fire and put in all the ingredients of masala 'A'. Cover and cook till the grains of the pulse are done. Then uncover and keep stirring till the water evaporates and the contents of the patili start sticking to the sides.Remove from the fire and grind to a very fine paste. It is important that there should be no coarse grains in the paste.Then mix ingredients of masala 'B' and blend well.Divide the mince paste into approximately sixteen portions and keep aside.
For the filling, wash and finely chop the mint leaves, green chillies and onions.Also peel and finely chop the raw mango, taking care to remove the seed.Carve out fine slivers of ginger.Add salt and mix well using your fingers.Now take each ball and stuff it with the mixture and gently shape into patties.Then grease a tawa or griddle with about 50 gm of ghee and place the kababs in it.Then put on very slow flame.Melt the rest of the ghee and pour on the kababs evenly.When the sides of the kababs appear to be of light brown colour , gently turn to a golden brown colour.Serve hot with fresh mint chutney and roomali roti or warqui paratha.