Tuesday, November 28, 2006


maida 1 1/2 cups

cooking soda 1 tsp

sugar 2 1/2 cups

cardamom powder 1/2 tsp

ghee or oil to deep fry

yellow or saffron

colour a pinch

mix refined flour and soda bi-carbonate( cooking soda)

add water and make a smooth batter. make sure that

there are no lumps. leave it overnight to ferment.

mix it again, add a little water if required and make it

into a pouring consistency. mix 1 cup water in sugar

and boil till it becomes a one string syrup. add

cardamom powder and keep aside. heat ghee or oil

in a flat kadai or frying pan. pour batter into a thick

cloth with a small hole at bottom and then press it into

medium hot oil giving it a jalebi shape. start from

outsie to inside for better results. deep fry til golden

and crisp and soak in sugar syrup for ten minutes.

drain and serve .