Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tandoori Naan

4 tbsp Oil
Salt to taste
3 tbsp Butter
3/4 cup Milk
3 cups plain Flour
1 sachet (7g) dry Yeast

Take a mixing bowl put all the ingredients except the oil and mix well till it forms a smooth dough.Apply a little oil and cover it with a wet cloth for one hour till the dough raises.Add the oil and knead well till all the oil is absorbed.Make equal sized balls. Apply a little oil. Roll it into a round shape.Now put it on a cloth pad and put it on a preheated Tandoor wall or cook in a preheated oven (250 � C) by placing it on a greased tray.Remove when it is crisp and golden brown on both sides. Remove with the help of skewers.Serve hot topped with butter.