Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tomato Shorba

Tomatoes 100 gm
Coriander leaves 75 gm
Lemon juice 10 ml
Sugar 5 gm
Tomato ketchup 10 gm
Chopped garlic 3 gm
Ginger-garlic paste 15 gm
White pepper powder 10 gm
Coriander whole 10 gm
Salt to taste
Butter 10 gm

Cook the tomatoes and coriander leaves in 300 ml of water until the tomatoes dissolve. Strain it, grinding the solids left over after straining before adding them again to the mixture. Heat ghee in a pan. Put the chopped garlic and then the ginger-garlic paste, stir for a little while and pour in the stock. Add all the masalas and cook for some time. Strain the entire thing again and serve hot, garnished with coriander leaves.