Tuesday, November 21, 2006

til laddu

white sesame seeds 250 gm
jaggery 250 gm
ghee 2 tsp
cardamom powder 1 tsp

Boil the jaggery in a cup of water and strain. Fry the sesame

seeds till light brown colour. Boil the jaggery again till it

reaches thick syrup Test it like this. take water in a small

bowl. put two drops of syrup in it and it should become

hard immediately . Then add ghee, cardamom powder

and fried til into it and remove from fire. Take a greased

plate. put little mixture with a spoon on the plate and

shape into round balls or laddus with wet hands when its

hot. This should be done carefully and very fast, becos

once it hardens or cools u cannot do anything .. after

keeping it aside to dry for half an hr, u can store it or

eat it.