Friday, December 8, 2006

Hot Hot Mirchi

We indians cannot even think of any recipe preparation without

chillie let it be green or red. dal, rasam, curry, pickles and anything

we dont make it without using chilles. India is the largest producer

of chillies and also largest user too. The main ingredient for the

hotness of chillies is Capsinin in chillies. Casanthin in the chillies gives

it different colours. There are many varieties of chillies and also

colours. Some are used to taste in recipes and some are for decoration.

Some are very hot and some are not. We use green and red chillies in

our cooking.

There are some uses of chillies too. it has some medicinal values. The

anti -oxidants present in chillies give energy to our body. They help in

reducing cholestrol, diabetes, cataract and joint pains. It is also a pain

reliever too. It removes ulcers in stomach. chilies control the work of

kidneys. chillies have 7 times more of vitamin C than sweet lemon. This

works in treating indigestion, blood pressure, flu etc....