Thursday, December 14, 2006

varieties with cooked rice

every body is bored to eat white rice and curries. we can make
varieties of dishes with cooked rice, but the rice should be
evenly cooked and separate .

1. lemon rice: Heat 2 tbsp of oil and add red chilllies , mustard and
cumin seeds and when they splutter add half a spoon of urad dal and
a spoon of chana dal , curry leaves and turmeric . when they r little
brown remove from fire and add juice of one lemon. now mix this with
2 cups of cooked rice and salt and mix well .. leave for five minutes
and serve.

2. u can make the lemon rice with redchillies and for a change use
only green chillies as required. u can also add a tbsp of grated carrot
or ginger juliens too for a different taste.

3. coconut rice: grate the fresh coconut. Heat oil in a flat pan. add
red chillies, mustard and cumin seeds and when they splutter add
curry leaves , tsp of urad dal and chana dal and fry a little . now add
the grated coconut and fry a little on low heat without making it
change the colour. it should be white. remove from the heat and
add cooked rice, salt and mix well and serve after five minutes.

4. chinese fried rice : cut an onion, carrot, beans and cabbage
into fine peices. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a flat pan add onions and fry till
they r translucent and then add the vegetables and fry a little more
. now add half a tsp of soya sauce, a pinch of ajinomoto, half a tsp of
sugar and fry again. now add cooked rice and mix well adding salt
and pepper as required. fry for two minutes and serve. u can also
add shredded and fried chicken peices or egg fried peices along
with the vegetable to make it more tasty ...and also fried paneer
too for a change.

5. puliyagora or tamarind rice: soak tamarind in little water
and take the pulp or u can use the tamarnd pulp available. Heat
4 tbsp oil and add red chillies , mustard and cumin seeds and when
they splutter add asafoetida, curry leaves , a tsp of urad dal and
1 tbsp of chana dal and if wanted 3 tbsp of groundnut. fry a little
and add the tamarind pulp, salt and turmeric. when the mixture
is well boiled and cooked and the oil floats on top . remove from
fire. now u can preserve this too when ever required take cooked
rice and add the required amount of this mixture and mix well
and eat after five minutes.

6. for a variety of tamarind rice u can also add this powder. take
5 red chillies, 3 tbsp of til, 1/4 tsp of methi seeds and 1 tsp of
cumin seeds. fry them a little and make into fine powder and add
to the boiling mixture. when using this powder dont use the red
chillies for tadka.

7. jeera rice: cut one onion , 3 green chillies and ginger into fine
peices. heat oil in a flat pan and add a tsp of cumin seeds, 4 cloves
, 3 elaichis, 1'' peice of cinnamon and 1 tsp of shahijeera and fry a
little and add onions, chillies and ginger juliens. fry a little and add
cooked rice with required salt and mix well into this and serve hot
with any khorma or curd raita.

8. curd rice : when u hv cooked rice into very soft u can make
this curd rice. or add water to the cooked rice and cook it again
till it becomes soft .. add the required salt and mash it with the
ladle. now heat ghee or refined oil . add red chillies, mustard and
cumin seeds and when they splutter add a tsp of urad dal and
chana dal and also ginger juliens.( if u like u can also add black
pepper seeds too) a pinch of asafoetida and curry leaves and fry
a little . remove from fire . add a cup of curd and a cup of milk to
the rice and mix well. add this tadka to the rice, mix well and
leave for ten min and serve with lemon pickle. this is best suited
to take for travel. we are adding half of milk because to enhance
its taste . if we add whole of curd it becomes hard and sour after
some time.


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